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Our Services

Provide a wide range of products & services to assist across various industries in upgrading current operations.

Proof of Concept& Prototyping

Demonstrates a design concept in business proposal or pilot project 

Build To Print/Design & Develop

Specified down to the millimeter, type of materials needed for each component, and other specific details.

Machinery Equipment

Customized based on different needs & requirement


Precision tools, Jigs & Fixtures

Electrical Panel Design

Packages With Integration & Wiring

Standard Component Trading

With Cost Down Solution To Effectively Reduce Cost Of Production

Worlds of innovation

Always strive to provide the most innovative solution & moving together with our clients towards IR4.0

Time is money

One staff waiting for the another or waiting for the machine, is the main reasons why valuable production slows.

Current limitation of many manufacturing operations also lead to time wasting. 

We are here to fulfill consumers’ demand in enhancing the manufacturing process. With various solution to  change or enhancing current infrastructure.